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The FSBO Auto Advisor™ Selling System

For sale by owner ( FSBO ) is the best method to sell private party cars and trucks. You know your vehicle better than a consignment dealer. Luckily, you found the FSBO Auto Advisor™ Selling System website.

The FSBO Auto Advisor™ Selling System is for almost anyone that wants to sell their own vehicle in the private party marketplace.

You can do this... You just need a little help!

Maybe you don't know where to start and how to go about the For Sale By Owner process. Maybe you have the inclination or even most of the knowledge but, not enough time to do the job you would like to do in order to present your vehicle properly.

In either case, you now have access to a professional to do most of the set up for you and to consult with you along the way.

This is NOT an advertising site. It's something better!

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If you own a classic car or special interest vehicle you may have used sell classic car, for sale by owner, classic trucks for sale by owner, online car listings, auto advisor or auto selling advice and discovered us among the used car classifieds or auto classifieds listings.

My name is David Dickinson and I am here to consult and assist you. As a former auto dealership General Manager, I have the knowledge and experience to show you how to get the most money for your vehicle.

As FSBO Auto Advisor™, I assist people just like you in accomplishing the goal of selling their own vehicle in the competitive world of auto sales. Part of your competition is the dealers around you locally, as well as many of the dealers and other private party sellers across the country!

You have to be on top of your game to compete and the FSBO Auto Advisor™ Selling System is exactly what you need unless you have buyers already lined up or if you know exactly what you are doing and have plenty of time on your hands!

The FSBO Auto Advisor™ Selling System includes:

  • An experienced professional to guide you step-by-step through the selling process
  • Comprehensive checklist to guide you in preparing your vehicle for sale
  • Lots of professionally taken photos of your vehicle... 20-50 photos to best display your vehicle for sale in advertising
  • A personalized photo web page of those photos to link to in online advertising, showing vehicle info and your contact info. (When multiple photos are presented, a seller gets better response from buyers)
  • Assistance in using pricing guides and comparable vehicles to arrive at market value. (Sellers are ultimately responsible for setting their own price and agreeing on any subsequent sale price with a buyer)
  • Writing effective advertising copy to enhance response
  • Posting vehicle for sale; includes online Vehicles For Sale advertising sites we can use for FREE
  • Guidance on how to handle incoming calls and emails
  • Guidance on proper completion of required documents in completing sale of vehicle including Report of Sale required by state, Bill of Sale and how to sign title properly
  • Over the phone consulting when you have a question or need guidance
  • PLUS an Exclusive eBook that gives you lots of how to information and a look at the psychology of selling

Taking uncertainty and time consumption out of selling

I assume that you want to sell for the most amount of money while being competitive, right? We've all heard the saying that "It's all in the presentation!" and that's just one of the How To aspects that FSBO Auto Advisor™ brings to the table... How To make it look good!

Now you can have someone on your side that knows how to sell cars and trucks... someone that you can pick up the phone and call; an expert to educate you and to consult with you when you have a question... and someone to do all of the set up and time consuming activities so all you have to do is answer the phone or respond to emails!

Don't get me wrong... things are tough out there for everyone right now. Car dealers are struggling to sell cars and so it is important that you do everything possible to market your vehicle as effectively as possible. I can't promise you an immediate sale. I can promise you the guidance that will bring that sale as quickly as possible.

As your FSBO Auto Advisor™, I can assist you in determining used car values using the same resources a car dealer does and I can advise you on how to best prepare and price your car for sale. I'll take the pictures, write the ad copy and post the ads for you!

Marketing your vehicle doesn't get any easier than this!

Contact David Dickinson at FSBO Auto Advisor to get started now.

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As a seller, you want to get the most money for your car in the least amount of time and with the least amount of hassle and inconvenience. I'll show you how to prepare yourself and your car or truck so that you receive maximum value, taking advantage of all the knowledge that has served me so well.

From beginning to end, you call the shots and make your own decisions. I am your "buddy" there to give you advice and do all of the tedious set up. I'll give you my opinion, but the decisions are always yours.

Let's work together to make your car selling experience both cost-effective and easy. Pick up the phone right now and let's get started. My goal is to give you tremendous value.

My knowledge gives you the advantage!

Click on either the Late Model or Classic vehicle button (above right) to find out more about how to market your Late Model or Classic vehicle or just pick up the phone and call me or you can just drop me an email. I'll respond right away and we can set a time to meet and get started.

David Dickinson is your FSBO Auto Advisor™ and author of FSBO Auto Advisor's Guide To Selling Your Late Model Vehicle and FSBO Auto Advisor's Guide To Selling Your Classic Car.

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David Dickinson
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Not in the Seattle area, but want to sell a vehicle on your own with a plan that works?

Click the book cover that’s right for you to find an inexpensive guide to selling for the most money…  with the least hassle!

Book: FSBO Auto Advisor's Guide To Selling Your Classic Car

FSBO Auto Advisor's Guide To Selling Your Late Model Vehicle

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